Rio Patuca: The Last Authentic Frontier

Travel information from Palestina Patuca to Wampusirpi


Rio Patuca enters Honduras from Nicaragua. It flows through the cattle-country of Olancho district, getting wider and deeper on the way. It is generally navigable only from the town of Palestina Patuca. From here, it winds it's way down through the hills of Olancho, entering La Moskitia through the Tawakha Nature Reserve, continuing through La Moskitia and flowing into the Caribbean at Barra la Patuca.


Rio Patuca remains one of the least explored rivers of a remote region in Honduras. Contrary to general information available in guidebooks, it is not at all difficult or dangerous to organize your trip here independently. Of course, you will need time, patience and basic Spanish, but in return you encounter some of the original atmosphere of La Moskitia.
Most of the information available here is about places between Palestina Patuca and Wampusirpi. We are continuously uploading more data, hopefully soon the whole Patuca stretch will be covered.

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